At this very difficult period in Israel's history we are sure that you will want to include the UK Friends of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers in your Will. Making Israel's young servicemen and women beneficiaries of your estate will surely make your life more meaningful. Making a Will is one of the most important things we can do in our lifetime - it ensures one's present assets for the future. Many people believe if their financial affairs are simple they do not need a Will, however this can turn out to be an expensive misconception. By making a Will and specifying your wishes you ensure that all the years of nurturing your assets will not be wasted. If you have no living relatives and have not made a valid Will, then the State receives everything you leave. This could mean that your close friends and favourite charities receive nothing whatsoever. This will be happening during the most stressfull and difficult time for those close to you and will make it much more difficult for your next of kin to administer your estate. Furthermore, if you do not make a properly thought out Will you may be leaving your loved ones with a large and unavoidable tax bill. Any gift to a charity is tax free and could reduce your estate's overall tax bill. A legacy to UK AWIS provides a lasting gift to future generations of young Israeli servicemen and women from disadvantaged backgrounds, whilst bridging the social, economic and educational gaps within Israeli society. If UK AWIS benefits through a legacy, we will, of course, provide you with the necessary legal assistance and advice free of charge. Please contact us on 020 3210 3060 or ukawis@ukawis.net for further information or assistance in this matter.