Mobile Synagogue

AWIS provides combat units with mobile synagogues, allowing observant soldiers to participate in prayer services - even under the harshest field conditions, at outposts and in combat zones. For these soldiers, attending synagogue is not only a mitzvah but a source of spiritual sustenance as they carry the weight of Israel's security on their shoulders. On major Jewish holidays, secular soldiers also attend synagogue, as do most Jews around the world.

Size: 22.5 square meters (230 square feet).

Includes: Aron Kodesh (ark), Parohet (ornate curtain on the ark door), Hazan's (reader's) platform, Sefer Torah, Talit (prayer shawl) closet, Tefillin (phylacteries), Sidurim (prayer books) and washbasin for ritual hand-washing. Accommodates 14 soldiers. Equipped with seats, air-conditioning, acoustic ceiling, PVC floor, light fixtures.

Cost of fully-equipped mobile synagogue: £14,200